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Solid States: Image/Object in the Age of 3D Printing

Sally Clegg

Silicone, pigment, seashells, lavender buds, dryer lint, lemon zest, teeth, beads, money, quail feathers, Venus razor head, dietary supplements, fruit seeds, Betty’s vermilion, condom wrapper, sawdust, cotton swabs, plastic cherry, dust, cluster flies, ibuprofen, half of a best/friends pendant, rosebuds, tampon, copper shavings, paint tube, hair, tarlatan, paintbrush head, potting soil

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Eternal Feminine (self-portrait as 121 dildos) consists of 121 individual 2”x2”x7” silicone casts of my own body scaled down to 6,” a nod to Charles Bukowski’s short story Six Inches about a woman who shrinks her husband and uses him as a dildo. Each figure hangs from a steel ring hooked to the wall. This is my suggestive contribution to the art historical tradition of mise en abyme (to place into abyss), wherein a smaller copy of a thing appears within the thing itself as a means of suggesting recursion, self-similarity, or often, art that is about art. 37 of the figures have other things mixed into the silicone, an array of found material and personal ephemera including seashells, dryer lint, a Venus razor head, dietary supplements, my grandmother’s old oil paint tubes, a condom wrapper, ibuprofen, half of a best/friends pendant, copper shavings, hair, and potting soil. My current work and research explores the material and theoretical overlaps of printmaking and mold-making, utilizing 3D printing to facilitate the production of 3D multiples through photogrammetry, molding and casting. 

Sally Clegg is a multidisciplinary artist from Pelham, Massachusetts working in the emergent discipline of autotheory: straddling philosophy, autobiography, and studio practice. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, and her prints can be found in the permanent collections of the New York Public Library, Hampshire College, Wheaton College, and the University of Michigan. She is a 2018 Massachusetts Cultural Council Fellow in Drawing & Printmaking, and she teaches art & design at The University of Michigan.

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