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Solid States: Image/Object in the Age of 3D Printing

Nicholas Dowgwillo

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The Long Embrace is a stone lithograph printed by Lee Marchalonis at Our Lady of Perpetual Misery in Detroit, MI.  The image is drawn from observation of a 3D model that has the painting, Flowers in a Wooden Vessel (Jan Brueghal the Elder, 1603) applied to its surface.  This print grows out of a series of experiments where still life images are treated as objects and are manipulated in 3-Dimensional space (both digitized, virtual space and physical space).

Nicholas Dowgwillo is a printmaker whose work experiments with the ways in which images elicit imaginative and empathic projection.  His work is held in public collections including the Victoria and Albert Museum (London), Zuckerman Museum of Art (Kennesaw, GA), and Tama Art University Museum (Tokyo).  He is currently the 2D-Media Studio Coordinator at Stamps School of Art and Design at the University of Michigan and runs Temple of Print, a cooperative print studio in Detroit. He received his BFA in Printmaking from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater in 2007 and his MFA in Printmaking from Arizona State University in 2011.

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