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Solid States: Image/Object in the Age of 3D Printing

Jason J. Ferguson

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Anamorph is a half-scale 3D printed replica of the artist’s distorted skull from CT and CBCT medical scans. Ferguson collaborated with medical teams in the University of Michigan Health System, EOS imaging, his personal dentist, and SIMULIA in the UK/US to learn medical segmentation software and extract, and 3D print, all 206 bones from a variety of medical scans. The segmented bone models have been used in several projects including Anamorph which was skewed using anamorphic distortion before printing. The 2021 half-scale edition was hand made by the artist in his studio, nothing was manufactured by outside fabricators. The original full-scale version of Anamorph was

completed in 2016 and was the first sculpture Ferguson made using CT and CBCT medical scans from his own body. The piece was reviewed in Sculpture Magazine, Hyperallergic, and was awarded the first ever Manifest Grand Jury Prize in 2018.


Distorted Americana

Distorted Americana is the first object in a collaborative series of artworks created by Jason J Ferguson and Lance Winn. This sculptural artifact, constructed from a virtual model made through photogrammetry, explores their sentiments surrounding the promise of big data coupled with the loss and sense of distance that accompanies the digital age. The duo engages with cyberspace; collaborating with social media, satellite images and topographies, and the code of search engines to evolve forms that reflect on access to information, captured from afar. They then use digital fabrication techniques, in this case 3D CNC milling and 3D printing, to extract their investigations of virtual space back into the physical world as epistemological objects exploring how we come to know things now. Ferguson and Winn use the language of mechanical fabrication to reconstruct and make material the power of the virtual as well as revealing the glitches of translation. The two consider these models to highlight the hyper-connectivity found in the digital age as well as

the subsequent gaps found where information, and communication, are missing.

Jason J Ferguson is an installation and performance artist originally from Washington D.C. He received his BFA from Towson University in Baltimore and continued his studies at the University of Delaware where he completed his MFA in 2006. Ferguson’s work has been exhibited internationally including exhibitions in Tokyo, Berlin, São Paulo, and Tirana; as well as nationally in Brooklyn, Chicago, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Kansas City, and Detroit. Notable venues include the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (MoCAD), the Delaware Contemporary, the Institute of Contemporary Art Philadelphia, Brooklyn’s BRIC, and the  nternational Museum of Surgical Science in Chicago. His artwork has been featured in a variety of publications including SCULPTURE magazine, Hyperallergic, SciArt Magazine, Artifizz, the Chicago Art Review, the 3D Additivist Cookbook, and more. Ferguson currently  esides in Michigan where he is a Professor in the School of Art & Design at Eastern Michigan University.

More info (including images of process) available here:

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