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Armour Clad in Love

PD Packard created Armour Clad in LOVE using skills from her years designing in the fashion

industry, Packard created a suit from her prints to represent the idea that even during challenging times, our earth, and all of humanity is Armour Clad, and protected by LOVE. To bring the artworks to life she interlaces and overlays live action video with flat animation mediums in combination with music that flow from one scene to the next.

Multimedia artist and filmmaker PD Packard uses printmaking in combination with Nature to create visual poetry that shares her thirst for color, nature, and unconditional LOVE, not conditional romance.

Born in Washington DC, PD Packard grew up in Maryland surrounded by horse farms, and woodlands. Being stung by bumblebees while running barefoot through clover fields behind her house was nothing new to her. Her childhood experiences with Nature have been a strong foundation for her LOVE of color and pattern.


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